It might sound WEIRD but you can bake anything in a toaster oven.

Yes, You can bake a cake in the toaster oven. You just need the right procedure to do so.

If you ask someone,” Do you like cake?” I wonder if anyone would ever say “No.” A sweet cake is enough to set one’s heart on.

Experts say that there exist some benefits of eating cake. A study showed eating cake as a part of their balanced meal helped dieters lose weight and keep them slim. A Cake can also beat depression. Baking cake provides individuals struggling with mental illness with a focus, a structure, and a fundamental pleasure. A soft slice of cake can make you happy and give you energy. Researchers have found out that the slab is a rich source of calcium and protein.

Sometimes it happens when you want to eat things like muffins, cupcakes or cake but the oven in your home is not working then what will you do?

But there are some other appliances present in your home which you can use to bake your cake and that is your toaster oven it is generally found in every house so here are some steps given that has to be taken to bake a cake in a toaster oven.

And what are the things you should keep in mind for baking the perfect tasty cake?

How To Bake A Cake In Toaster Oven
How To Bake A Cake In Toaster Oven

How To Bake A Cake In Toaster Oven


  • Height of the cake: The height of the cake must not stay close to the coils of the toaster. you can make a thin layer of the cake i.e 1 inch.
  • Hot spot: you need to know that there are more hotspots in the back of the toaster than in front so you need to turn your cake at least once to avoid the burning.
  • Time: a toaster oven takes a much longer time to bake a cake than the oven.
  • Size: The size of the cake should be small because the toaster ovens are not so large to hold the big sizes so choose the size of the pan between 8 to 9 inches so that it can easily fit into the toaster oven.

Do Dimensions matter?

Yes, the size and parameters of the cake matter a lot. As suggested, cake to be baked in the toaster oven should be small to fit inside it. However, you will need to make use of a pan that could be easily installed in the toaster oven.

If the oven’s capacity is functional, you can fit a 9-inch pan—the size of the container drops with lessening in the size of the furnace.

To be flawless, certify that the layer of your to be baked cake is not more than 1 inch. If you wish for a big cake, attempt to bake multiple layers.


  1. Set the temperature of the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit which is around 176.7-degrees Celsius.
  2. Spread some oatmeals or breadcrumbs in the oven’s pan and fit the pan inside and perceive
  3. Allow the toaster oven to reheat for 10 minutes.
  4. the third step is to wait for 5 minutes to recover lost heat.
  5. Now what you have to do is to Greece the pan with butter and spill the batter on the pan and place it into the toaster oven.
  6. Make sure to cover the cake with the foil paper.
  7. To avoid hotspot turn the cake at 180 degrees once so then it would not get baked unevenly.
  8. If you did not use an oven thermometer in the above step, you would need to be extra careful. If you see any hint of burning, adjust the temperature.


  • If there is too much browning then adjust the thermostat temperature accordingly to avoid it.
  • If you are making a chocolate cake and the ingredients which get brown faster then make sure that you bake that cake below 25 degrees of the specified temperature of the recipe.
  • The height of the cake should not be adjacent to the coils.
  • The cake must be turned along the vertical axis at least once to keep away from hot spots because of the fact that the front side toaster oven is not as hot as the rear.
  • Also, it is suggested to bake small cakes in toaster ovens.

Final Words

So these are all the steps and precautions that you need to know to bake a cake in your toaster oven.

Once you will know the perks of baking the cake in your toaster oven you will never feel regret even if your traditional oven will not be working.

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